Anti-snoring treatment: War against snore

Anti-snoring treatment saved my love life

Wake up or Break Up

The thing that amazes me about most snorers is that they don’t seem to care they snore. I mean, why would they? It’s not them who have to suffer the noisy frights and sleepless nights. And I can say this because I myself was a snorer. A terrible one. So much so that my neighbors once filed a noise complaint about strange gorilla-like roars coming from my apartment. My girlfriend also moved out of our place because she couldn’t handle what I thought I couldn’t control. My relationship was in trouble.

Snorers don’t care. Well most of them. I cared. There’s nothing more frustrating than waking from a blissful sleep by a loved one’s violent shove. My social anxiety hit the roof. I was scared to doze off on the train or a plane or share a hotel room on a holiday with friends, out of fear of my ridiculous roaring. Most importantly, however, was the inconceivable prospect of losing the love of my life to a silent sleeper.

Last night a Dentist saved my life

I’d tried everything. My friends and loved ones had tried everything. Even earplugs wouldn’t save them from this piercing peril. Many a time had I searched in vain on the Internet for help and advice. It was much to my surprise then when a friend recommended Bamboo Dental, a local dental practice which offered anti-snoring treatment. I’d never thought to type in Dentists Cardiff on a search engine, but this local practice offered a cost-effective remedy to my sleep apnoea.

Sleepwell is an anti-snoring treatment that provides the snorer with a small mouthpiece which works by stopping the lower jaw from dropping back during sleep. As a result, it prevents the closure of your airways during sleep. What really impressed me about Sleepwell was just how customizable and convenient the mouthpiece was. Fully adjustable with a soft inner lining, it allowed side to side movement of the lower jaw. Boasting a 98% success rate, my girlfriend had found the perfect Christmas present, not only for me but her too.

After a few months with Sleepwell, I am delighted with the results. It doesn’t interfere with my normal dental treatments, and not only do my loved ones sleep better at night, so do I. Thanks to Bamboo’s anti-snoring treatment, I wake up each morning full of energy, and even my work colleagues have noticed the difference. It’s amazing the change this small mouthpiece has made to my life. Not only can Bamboo offer you a fresh smile, but they can also offer you a fresh start. As far as anti-snoring treatments go, this one’s the best.