Why you need to take care about care

Health; the whole world in a small word. It is the most precious thing anyone can have in his/her life. There is a famous proverb when health is lost, everything is lost. If you want anything, you just have to pay money for that thing. Believe me, it will come to you. The only thing you can’t buy from money is health. This is a special gift from God and one must take very good care of it. As the world is moving rapidly towards modernization, the rate of death through diseases has increased relatively. People, these days, are suffering from diseases which are incurable or they have been diagnosed when it is at the last stage. Different diseases have no cure, yet, like cancer, AIDS Etc. There are different techniques which help to slow down the progression of diseases, but there is no proper cure for them. People suffering from them have no option left other than to suffer through it and die. They are just left alone. It’s obvious, suppose you are feeling a little fever, you go to a doctor and suddenly he tells you that you have last stage cancer and you just have a few months to live. Although, we all know death is inevitable, knowing that it will come to take you in a few months is kind of scary. People, suffering from deadly diseases, are now a psychological patient too.

What is Hospice Care?

Medical practitioners, physicians, and different health care centers now offer a very special kind of treatment known as hospice care. This type of care is offered to the patients who have no hope for life left for them. When it is confirmed by medical reports and tests that the disease is incurable, a special team of hospice care steps in to interact with the patient 24/7. People who are suffering have to deal with the pain and they are really scared about death. The job of the hospice care team is to deal with the patients psychologically by mentally preparing them for the future and how to deal with the pain. Their focus is not on the different medical ways through which you can enhance your days (painfully), but on the remaining days left and how to live them fully with their family. They not only focus on the patient, but also with the family of patients which are near to suffering a great loss. The Hospice care team helps people in a very unique way.

What are Hospice frauds and steps taken by the government?

There are good and bad, both, people in our society. Some don’t even care about who is living or dying. They are just concerned with the money. Same we can say about hospice fraud. You people may be wondering, what is this? This is another type of the most inferior fraud that exists in our society. In this type of fraud (I must say sin), medical practitioners misinterpret the report and provide the patient with hospice care and after a few months, the patient gets healthy. Obviously, they provide you with 24/7 services so they charge you a lot according to it. There is a campaign in which hospice fraud and whistler blower protection against it is promoted by the government. The rewards have been announced to the people who will unmask these frauds.