Things to Consider When Choosing a Plastic Surgeon

How exactly do you choose a plastic surgeon that you trust? How do you gauge who to trust and who not to? Every day someone somewhere is asking themselves this question. Ten years ago it was easy to gauge the credibility of a plastic surgeon by simply seeing if a board has certified them. Unfortunately, this is not the case nowadays. There are now too many improperly trained physicians masquerading as a certified plastic surgeon and this method is no longer sufficient to prove their credibility. This is a list of things that you should look for in a plastic surgeon if you are to be their prospective patient.


You can know if the plastic surgeon is certified by simply login in the board website. Most of the plastic surgeons that are certified belong as members of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons. To belong to this board or be proclaimed certified to perform as a plastic surgeon they must undergo at least three years of the general surgeon training and must pass comprehensive written and the oral examination and they are to adhere to a strict code of medical ethics so as to prove themselves. There are no other certifying boards that will have their prospective members meet these standards as stringent as those listed above. This is why it is advised that you choose a plastic surgeon who is board certified.


There is a huge difference between the two although many do not know so. A cosmetic surgeon is still qualified to be a dermatologist and an ENT. But who would want their plastic surgeon to still remove their tonsils or the ENT to perform a breast augmentation on you. Some of the present surgeons that perform these body surgeries e.g. the breast augmentation are thought to be board certified plastic surgeon but they are not. This then brings about the case of botched surgeries as the patients had to use a surgeon without knowing if they are certified by the board. In most cases, surgeons may even have no formal plastic surgery training. Be very wary of the physicians who say they can perform these plastic procedures but they have never done it before nor have no training whatsoever on the same. There is also the case of where the surgeons are certified by we are not able to know by whom for they have not gone through the board. This is a case of physicians who want to behave as if they are qualified by they are not.


Make sure the certified plastic surgeon spends adequate time during the period of a consultation explaining to you about the surgery he or she is to perform on you. The time that the plastic surgeon will spend on you before he begins the procedure of the surgery will be a great indication of the time he will spend on performing the surgery and taking good care of you when you are in his hands or surgery table or even afterward. Make sure you understand the surgery well.


Avoid any bargain basement shops for the cosmetic treatments. These kinds of shops are run by business people who know nothing about the plastic surgery procedures or even surgery in general. In most cases, they will have hired surgeons who have retired in the past or are poorly trained and will pay them by the hour so that they can operate on the unsuspecting people who aim to have a great job done on them only to be disappointed in the end.

You should not be a guinea pig to a cosmetic surgeon who only wants money and will try any procedure just to get a dollar or two. Make sure you get a good feeling about a plastic surgeon. If you don’t feel comfortable with the one you meet then take time to find another one who is going to work best with you. You can never regret on the surgery you did not do.