Signs of a Hormone Imbalance and How to Treat It

The hormones in your body influence every aspect of your life. From how well (or poorly) you sleep to how you feel when you are awake, your hormones play a huge role in your daily activities.

When those hormones are in balance, you feel great, sleep soundly and wake refreshed and ready to go. When those hormones get out of balance, you may experience a number of different symptoms – and it is all too easy for those early warnings signs to go undetected. Here are a few signs of a possible hormone imbalance.

Weight Gain

You may chalk up your weight gain to a few extra potato chips, but the problem could be caused by a hormone imbalance. Our hormones affect the way we burn fat and calories, and a problem with hormone levels can lead to significant weight gain.


If you find yourself tired for no reason, the problem could be a hormone imbalance. When your hormone levels are off, you may get fatigued quickly and become tired of doing the things you need to do every day. Before you reach for another cup of coffee, you should check your hormone levels.

Mood Swings

Your hormones can affect the way you feel, leading to depression, anxiety, mood swings and other disorders. If you feel sad for no reason or suffer with bouts of depression and anxiety, the problem could be your hormones.


Those monthly premenstrual symptoms may not be a normal part of your monthly cycle. A hormone imbalance can bring on the symptoms of PMS or make an existing PMS problem worse.

Problems with Libido

A lack of sexual desire is a problem for many women, but low libido does not have to be a part of getting older. Hormone imbalances can greatly impact your desire for sex and intimacy, but getting treated could restore your lost desire and help you maintain a healthy relationship.

Hot Flashes

If you are experiencing hot flashes, you may think it is due to early menopause, but a hormone imbalance could actually be to blame. Before you get treated for menopause, you should have your hormone levels checked.

Frequent Headaches

A hormone imbalance could be responsible for your frequent headaches, so put down that bottle of aspirin and get tested today. You do not have to live with debilitating headache pain, especially if those headaches are the result of a hormone imbalance.

If you think your symptoms are due to a hormone imbalance, you can do something about it. You do not have to resign yourself to the pain and discomfort of frequent headaches, PMS and hot flashes any longer.

There are effective treatments for an imbalance in your hormone levels, including natural remedies that let you take charge of your life and feel better more quickly. Depending on the severity of your problem and how it is impacting your life, your doctor may use bioidentical hormones and other techniques to ease your symptoms and make you more comfortable. You do not have to let a hormone imbalance wreck your life – just see a qualified doctor today.