55 Prints take on EDDM


Small businesses rely on simple, hands-on tools for advertising their products or services. Marketing tools like brochures, flyers, leaflets, catalogues etc. are the most commonly used ones. Even with the technological advancement and an online, virtual market place readily available, these basic tools would have been obsolete if they weren’t getting the job done.

Every collateral has its own significance but not all of them can be useful. For instance, you kept your brochures on the counter of the local retail store but were not able to get a reasonable response. Maybe your target audience does not visit the store or maybe they were too lazy to just look through the other things the counter presented. Whatever the reason be, your target of getting noticed wasn’t achieved.

EDDM Explained:

Not instance ago, a new dimension of local, collateral marketing was introduced – called the EDDM – Every Door Direct Mail. It is a service or better said, a new marketing strategy for local retailers and business holders to attract their most potential customers living in the neighborhood or a specific, nearby area. For instance, the customers living near the company or a store are most likely to visit on a regular basis. Why not build a relationship with them and introduce your business in a new way to them so that they visit you out of choice? There is no more need to remember names and addresses of the people that visited your store last month to be able to send them your brochures. You can simply mark a target mailing area and get your advertising delivered to everyone in the area nearby, without the need of specific addresses to be delivered to. This way you can pick up numerous new customers.

Complications in EDDM:

The US Postal Service introduced its packages for the EDDM and many were tempted to take a shot at using this service to boost their sales. But before that could happen, a lot of ifs and but it’s happen to hurdle the journey before it even took a start.

The US Postal Service laid out certain outlines regarding the dimensions of the content being distributed by the service. Many small business owners battled with their printers to get their designs printed in accordance with the guidelines provided by USPS but failed miserably and that too several times before it got approved to be delivered.

The service was useful and quite cost effective itself but the trouble locals business owners had to go through was not just emotionally upsetting and upsetting but also exceeding the pre-allocated budget.

55 Prints to the Rescue:

Among many others, a few evolving big names in the print business like 55printing.com, these problems were catered for. 55 prints provided easy to use, online design tools for you to work at your postcards that looked professionally designed and also complied with the USPS guidelines for easier approval. Already designed templates helped a lot of new comers in the business to use them with ease and also at very compatible prices.

It would not be an exaggeration to say that the people at 55 prints gave EDDM a whole, new and a smooth experience.