Do You Need a More Discreet Hearing Aid?

Without hearing aids, many people would find it difficult to function in their daily lives. It is certainly not uncommon to see people wearing hearing aids, and most of us think nothing of it, but did you know that there have been significant advances in hearing aid technology to the point that one can now wear what are called in-the-ear or completely in-the-canal hearing aids?

The Benefits of Wearing in the Canal Hearing Aids

If you have been used to wearing very visible hearing aids and dealing with a rather cumbersome device, you may be interested to know that you could be eligible for a hearing aid that you can wear deep inside your ear canal.  The benefits of this type of device are as follows:

  • Invisible: Some people call them invisible hearing aids because they are not clearly visible from the outside. For the person wearing them, this may translate to a better quality of life as they won’t feel socially isolated or awkward about their appearance.
  • Better sound: While every person with hearing aids is thankful for the fact that they are able to hear again, some hearing aids produce a more natural sound than others. In the canal hearing aids in London sit deep enough in the ear that there is nothing impeding the sound entering the ear. There are no tubes, no wires, and no shells to make the sound unnatural or muffled. Additionally, the deeper placement of the device means that the outer ear can still receive and direct external sound to the ear canal in a natural way. The effect is that the location where the sound originates from is much better preserved, thus making the hearing experience more natural for the wearer.
  • Natural-sounding voice: For most wearers of large hearing aids with a significant external portion, the sound of their own voice can be While it is possible to simply become attuned to this sound, it is preferable that the voice sound as natural as possible. Completely in the canal hearing aid devices sit much closer to the eardrum, so therefore the sound of one’s own voice is less prone to sounding unnatural.
  • Low power: Because in the canal hearing aids sit very close to the eardrum, they do not need to amplify external sound as much. This means that not only are they more efficient in operation, but also require less power to do the same job. In fact, for many hearing aid wearers, the problem of electrical feedback at certain times can be significant. When using the phone, for example, many hearing aid wearers experience some electrical feedback and noise in their ears. In the canal devices use less power and are therefore less prone to this issue.

Wearing a Hearing Aid More Comfortably

If you are used to the bulky nature of traditional hearing aids, with their unnatural sound reproduction, you may be interested in trying out in the canal devices that feel more comfortable, are a lot less visible, and are more efficient.

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