Try Walking Into Shape

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Last year my doctor told me to lose some weight.  Though I knew I needed to reduce my waistline the idea of exercise never turned me on.  But after the doctor’s advice I asked a friend to suggest a health club where I could start working out.

“Buddy, you don’t have to join a club just because your doctor told you to shed some pounds.  I can tell you how to do that without spending more than the cost of some athletic shoes and jeans.”  He reached in his wallet and pulled out a piece of paper.

“Here’s a Groupon for a discount on athletic shoes from The Walking shoe website.  They’re offering deals of up to 60% off on a purchase of what are considered the best walking shoes on earth.  Get yourself a pair instead of spending money on a gym.”  He sipped his coffee as I looked at the paper.  It listed deals currently offered by The Walking Company for clogs, sandals, walking shoes, athletic shoes and dress shoes for both men and women.

“Take that Groupon and buy a pair of athletic shoes with the cash you’d spend on health club membership.  Then walk to work every day instead of driving.  At work have a sandwich and juice for lunch, and a light snack on your break.  And walk home at the end of the day.   Do that every day for three months.”  I nodded but thought it was a joke…after all, why walk to work?  My friend gave me his answer.

“See, I learned you can work off calories a couple of ways.  You can walk every day and burn them off.  Or you can spend cash and sweat them off in an air-conditioned gym, then shower and drive home.  One way you spend money on gym membership, clothes, air conditioning, gas and parking.  The other way you spend cash once – when you use your Groupon to buy your shoes.  The rest is free…you don’t have to park or gas up.  I spent that gym money on new clothes that fit well after I lost 5-10 pounds in less than 3 months of walking.  I think that was a pretty good tradeoff.”  He pushed the paper across the counter towards me and winked as I carefully put it in my pocket.

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