Tips to Keep in Mind when Packing for a Hiking Trip

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Hiking Trip

Summer time is the perfect time to do those things that you were not able to do during winter. As a result, we see people going to the beach and doing various other kinds of activities. Among these activities, hiking is a fun activity to do as a family as well as alone. There are many places to hike, with trails suited for different kinds of people. Many mistake hiking to be a strenuous activity only the most seasoned of athletes can do. This is simply a misconception. Hiking can be done by anyone. The thing to remember is that not all trails are similar. You could try out the easier trails if it is your first time hiking or if you are out with your kids. Those who have had some hiking experience can go on the more advanced trails. Here are some tips to follow when you are packing for a hiking trip.



One simply cannot stress enough about the importance of packing enough water for a hiking trip. You may be hiking in the wilderness, but there is no guarantee that you will be able to find drinkable water in the wilderness. You may carry water canteens with you or opt to carry a hiking water filter. We recommend the second option as it is light weight and you can purify water wherever you go. You will also appreciate the ease of using a portable water filter if you hike with kids and have to carry a lot of equipment with you. There are various types and brands out there and you will most probably be able to get your hands on one at your local sports equipment store.

Insect repellent

Hiking and insects go hand in hand. You should always expect insects if you are going hiking, no matter what time of the year it may be. Make sure that you pack plenty of insect repellent in your hiking backpack. Insect repellent come in spray cans as well as tubes. Spray cans are easier to use, especially when it comes to kids. It is always best to make sure that the insect repellent that you pick agrees with you. Purchase one a few days before the hiking trip and apply it on your skin to test for any allergic reactions. Make sure that the insect repellent that you pick for your kid is especially formulated for kids.


Weather is something that none of us can predict. It has the tendency to be unpredictable regardless of the countless weather reports that you listen to before you step out. Rain can prove to be an obstacle, especially when hiking with kids. It can not only make you sick, but can also delay your progress. Make sure that you pack a good raincoat for yourself and each member of your hiking group. Be sure to check if the raincoat material can withstand anything from torrential rains to light drizzles.


Extra snacks

Food is one of the most basic requirements wherever you go. The same principle applies when it comes to hiking too. One needs more food while hiking because of all the extra effort that the body is making. The more strenuous the trail may be, the more food you will need. You may plan to reach a hiking lodge or a campsite by the end of the day for the duration of your hiking trip, but you simply cannot take chances. You may get delayed due to rain or you may lose your way. It is always wise to carry extra food for such instances. This is all the more important if your kids accompany you on the hiking trip. It is also wise to read up on the naturally growing fruits in the area that you hike so that you know which fruits to eat in case of an emergency.


Many people forget to pack medicine when going on hiking trips. A lot of hiking disasters can be avoided if people used their foresight to pack the right medicine. The importance of packing the right medicine cannot be stressed enough if you are hiking with kids. There are first aid kits in many sporting stores out there. Buy one and pack it into your hiking bag. Make sure that every member of your team has the basic first aid equipment in case they get separated from each other.