Sensorineural Hearing Loss

Hearing loss is a very serious problem. It can destroy the whole life of a person. Many people are facing this problem in all over the world. Some people have this problem by birth, but there are many people who got it because of some accident. There are some people who lost their hearing powers because of some ear disease. Nowadays, people, the lifestyles have changed. People love to listen to music that is not a bad thing. The bad thing is that they listen to music with high volume. Even if they are using headphones, they keep the volume very high, which can cause many dangerous problems that lead to hearing loss. The problem starts slowly and gradually and it increases with time. That is why people do not recognize it until it is too late. Some of these problems can be life-threatening. these are the reasons which are increasing hearing loss in all over the world.

There are many kinds of hearing loss. Each of which can have different symptoms and can happen because of different causes. This hearing loss also have different treatments, which depends on the cause of the problem. The most serious problem of all is a sensorineural hearing loss, which occurs with the damage in the hair cell of the ear. This can happen because of the exposure of sudden loud voice.

In a Sensorineural hearing loss that the hear cell of the inner ear or the nerve path that goes to the brain are damaged. In many people, this problem occurs because of their older age. This hearing loss has two types, congenital and acquired sensorineural hearing loss.

Congenital hearing loss can happen during pregnancy because of premature birth, maternal diabetes and be deficient in oxygen during birth. This problem can also be genetic which transfer from families to families. This disease can also transfer from mother to child during pregnancy.

Acquired sensorineural hearing loss takes place after the birth. There are other reasons for this problem. Hearing loss because of growing age is a very common thing and it is known as presbycusis. This problem mostly occurs in the people of 65 to 74 years old. This problem grows slowly that is why people do not notice it immediately.

Hearing loss because of loud music or noise occurs in people with the age of 20 to 65. It can happen because of sudden loud noise people listen such as the sound of a bomb or another explosion. It happens because of the sound, which is higher than 85 decibels. Some people feel a ringing sound in their ears after listening music or concert.

There are other reasons for this problem to occur such as viral infections like measles.  there are also meningitis and mumps, which can cause this type of hearing loss. The head and acoustic trauma cause damage in the inner ear, which can lead to a sensorineural hearing loss.

There are some very best clinics in all over the world, which are treating this problem with different medication and therapies.  is one of those clinics. Sometimes this problem cannot be treated, in that situation doctor provide a hearing device to the patient.

How to Upgrade Your Hearing Aid

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Degradation of one’s hearing sense usually comes with age, but there are also a lot of predisposing factors and conditions which make one require the assistance of a hearing aid. Though hearing aids have been proven to help, there are also times when an upgrade is not just a luxury, but a necessity. Here are four points you would have to note as you consider upgrading your hearing aid.

First, have your hearing checked regularly to see if it is time for an upgrade. It is recommended to have at least an annual check-up to find out whether you would need an upgrade. For the elderly, the natural process is for the hearing to degenerate. For other conditions which are treatable, hearing aids may actually stop becoming a total necessity.

Choose from the best hearing aids which meet your needs. For some cases, only adjustments may be needed. If you are complaining of fatigue, it may be because the hearing aid is not able to filter out background noises. Your hearing aid may also be in need of replacement or addition of parts. Some hearing aid problems may be caused by batteries which need replacement. In some instances, total change of hearing aid may be needed due to the natural wear-and-tear process. Of course, this depends on the over-all quality of hearing aids. You may also want to watch out for different price ranges.

Choose a hearing aid at par with today’s technology. If you opt to ditch your old hearing aids, you may want to consider several options and features of the newer hearing aids. Some hearing aids have upgraded microphones which are the first step for detection of background noises to allow filtering. They can also be upgraded in such a way that there is lesser feedback, which is what one hears when sound from the speakers finds a way back to the microphone and produces a squealing sound.

Some hearing aids may also be waterproof and would produce less moisture to prevent infection caused by built-up ear wax. Others would have batteries with longer lifespans and processors which are more powerful. It is also common for newer hearing aids to have the ability to be connected to other gadgets, such as cell phones and tablets. Of course, these take into account increased comfort.

Experiment with hearing aids which cater to aesthetic needs. This may not be considered a priority for most hearing aid users, but there are a lot of hearing aids available in the market which takes this into account. You may choose from different colors and designs. After all, hearing aids come in various structures. A lot of people would also opt for those which appear almost invisible.

The primary function of hearing aids is not compromised with upgrades; in fact, it maximizes the experience for the user. Though price, comfort, and function may be the priorities one would note before upgrading, the added features are definitely a bonus and would help you with daily activities in such a way that you may even forget you had a hearing aid in the first place.

Aspects to Consider When Purchasing Hearing Aids

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It is very important that you locate a hearing specialized that you feel relax with and can look to for help on your hearing problems. As you will be investing much of time with this expert, it is vital to ensure that you select somebody you are capable to consult for advice and guidance. During the first 1 to 2 months of adjusting your hearing device, you can plan on going to your physician’s clinic three or four times to get all the things done. The throat, nose and ear professional or your family physician does not have the education in hearing aids that a specialized ENT doctor will be capable to give you. Majority of times individuals end up talking about their hearing problems with one who carried out the initial listening tests, which will generally end up being an audiologist.

Choose the Experienced Professional

Buying your hearing aid from an expert’s clinic that concentrates on being capable to give you the details you need a doctor, rather than of simply somebody who is offering hearing aids. Get through your choices and select a specialist who is keen to take the time to pay attention to your problems and determine how your hearing loss is upsetting your routine living choices. The individual you select needs to be experienced regarding more than only one particular hearing aids in Staten Island product and it needs to be capable to complement the kind of technology you are searching for in your individual condition. They must be keen to help you as long as you want them to so as to assist you have the most excellent listening possible with your new  hearing device.  Make sure that the hearing aid specialist you select is registered with the country and it is updated.


3 Reasons to Have Regular Hearing Tests

There are many things that people are reminded to do to take care of their long term health. For instance, everyone knows that they should have their blood pressure taken on a regular basis and that they should get blood-work taken on when needed to make sure no problems pop up. Depending on your age, you may have a physical once a year or may check in with your doctor every six months or so. While these are all important things, you should add one more thing to your health checklist: have a regular hearing test. Here are three reasons you should consider regular hearing tests.

So You Don’t Miss the Everyday Part of Life:
Have you noticed that you don’t seem to enjoy as much as you used too about activities you once loved? For instance, maybe you don’t hear the birds chirp as much, your grandchildren laugh as much, or even ocean wave’s crash. While you may not miss things like police sirens at night, hearing loss can cause you to miss out on all of the soft sounds that contribute to happiness. Stop missing out on the joy in life and get your hearing checked to make sure that you are not missing the small things that most people take for granted.

Strain on Relationships:
If you have a strained relationship with a spouse always claiming you never listen to them there is a chance that you need to have your hearing checked. This is especially true if you do not think your memory is faltering but cannot remember everything they claim to have told you. It may simply be that you are not hearing things they are telling you. Communication can break down quickly in these types of situations and your relationships may suffer. Even the simple task of asking someone to repeat themselves over and over can put extra strain on a relationship.

Keep Yourself Safe:
Your hearing is very important when it comes to staying out of danger. People who are not hearing correctly can easily end up in a dangerous situation from no fault of their own. For instance, someone that is suffering from hearing loss may not hear a fire alarm or car horn while they are sleeping or sometimes even while awake. They may not hear a traffic alert while driving or may miss everyday things such as the noise that someone makes when they are knocking at the door.