Debunking the Myths about Alcohol and Drug Addiction

Drug Abuse

Drug and alcohol addiction have become one of the most prevalent problems Chiang Mai, Thailand is facing today. Although drugs and alcohol have certain health benefits, millions of people have been using them for all the wrong reasons. While these people are dealing with addiction problems, sadly, not all of them understand exactly what it is and what happens to those who are struggling with it.


Surely, there are a lot of myths and misinformation about addiction, but uncovering the truth behind it can definitely help a person understand the real nature of addiction. While it impossible to listdown all the myths, we have listed the 5 most myths about drug and alcohol addiction and the facts that resolve these myths:

  • Addiction is a choice

While many people believe that addiction is a choice, a study showed that addiction alters the brain circuitry that negatively impacts the person’s ability to control himself from using drugs and alcohol. The National Institute on Drug Abuse even defined it as a “chronic, often relapsing brain disease” that urges a person to seek out drugs and alcohol despite knowing its adverse health effects.

  • You can’t get addicted with prescription drugs because they are prescribed by a doctor

Drug addiction can start once you fail to follow the prescribed dosage given by the doctor. Prolonged use of prescription drugs or taking a combination of drugs is also a factor that can lead to addiction problems.

  • You have lower risk of alcoholism if you have a high alcohol tolerance

A normal, healthy person is not able to finish 6-pack of beer in a one sitting, or even if he does, it can make him extremely sick. So, if you can finish 6 cans of beers without a problem, then you surely have a drinking problem.

  • There is no need for treatment because you can stop addiction on your own.

As mentioned earlier, addiction changes the brain’s function, this makes it extremely difficult for a person to quit and maintain long-term abstinence from drugs and alcohol. However, undergoing addiction treatment can reduce addiction by 40 to 60 percent. There are a lot of reputable rehabilitation centers such as Addiction Rehab Center in Chiang Maithat offer a variety of effective addiction treatment methods to address a person’s specific needs.

How smoking impacts your body?

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Drug Abuse

Smoking is known to negatively impact pretty much every single part of the human body. And yet, the number of smokers is constantly increasing. May be once you go through these side effects of smoking a traditional cigarette, you would be willing to give it up for good.

indexImpact on the circulatory system

  • A spike in the blood pressure and an increased heart rate
  • Blood vessels in the body lose their flexibility which reduces the temperature of the skin
  • The quantity of oxygen in the blood is reduced drastically
  • The blood in the body gets thicker which results into unwanted clotting
  • The inner lining of the arteries are negatively impacted
  • The flow of blood dies down in many parts of the body
  • The chances of suffering from a heart attack increase manifolds

Impact on the immune system

  • Chain smokers are known to easily catch irritating diseases like influenza and pneumonia
  • The normal illnesses usually last much longer
  • Depletion of the critical antioxidants from the blood.

Impact on the musculoskeletal system

  • A number of critical muscles in the body become stiff, thereby decreasing the physical activity in the body
  • The bone density is also lowered in a number of cases

Impact on the sexual organs

  • The male sperm count is known to be negatively impacted due to heavy smoking
  • A much larger proportion of deformed sperms than the usual
  • Many sperms are damaged genetically
  • In many cases, smoking also results in impotency which is majorly because of hindrance in the blood flow to the penis

Impact on the female body

  • The menstrual cycle is known to be negatively impacted due to smoking
  • An early than expected menopause is also seen in many females
  • Many cases of cervix cancer have the problem of smoking in common

The safer alternative

If you wish to stay away from all these above mentioned horrendous implications, we suggest you to give up traditional smoking and instead take up e cigarettes. Not only are the e cigarettes known to be 95% less harmful than the traditional ones, but they are also known to provide almost the same pleasure as the traditional cigarettes. What’s more – you can choose your e liquid flavor from a wide range of options at CloudCig. If there was ever a chance to quit smoking without any pains or efforts, this has to be it.

Find the best alternate for opiate to actually come out of drug addiction

Drugs are found in various kinds all through the world. One popular drug used by people the world over is opiate or opium. It is widely used due to the high influence that it can have on a user. It works directly on the central nervous system, which is the reason for people to get high after they intake these drugs. While people would feel uncomfortable during the first time, they can get addicted to it once the drug starts having an impact on their nerve cells. To help people to overcome their initial stages of rejection from their body, they start taking in heavier doses till their body starts getting accustomed to them. But getting addicted to them can also have an adverse effect on their body health on the longer run. It is for this reason that researchers and other people try finding an alternate solution for this addiction. One such effective solution can be found through the herbal product Kratom. It is obtained from the trees of MitragynaSpeciosa breed, which is found in Southeast Asian regions.

2Method of working on a drug addicted person

People can find the drug to be highly effective for the treatment of people who are addicted by opiate. Similar to opiate, even this works on the nerve cells present in the body, except that they help in reversing the effect. This drug ensures that the opium drug level in the body is reduced in a quick and complete manner without bringing any harm to the person’s life. This helps by redoing the drug’s level in the body and getting replaced on its behalf to have a similar effect on the person. This reduction would enable the people to come out of their addiction in a safer manner than other de addiction methods. The alkaloids that are found in this product are the main reason for people to come out of their addiction in a safe manner. Though people can find its effect to be similar to that of opiate, it is not addictive like the other product, thereby making people to recoup from their addiction. People who treat the patients by this process can find the acceptance by finding a few symptoms from them. This includes better sleep without any depressions, having a normal appetite as they had before, reduction in nausea in them and also relief from joint and muscle pains which they used to experience during the influence of the opiate drug.

Worldwide acceptance of this de-addiction technique by experts

There has been a global acceptance for kratom by all the specialists who work in various de-addiction facilities. They are found in different forms, and can be administered upon under the careful supervision of an expert. People can buy them easily with various companies selling them online. People who are interested to know how effective they can be over other such drugs can visit to know more about this highly effective product.