Five Things You Might Be Forgetting in Your Personal Hygiene Routine

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Personal hygiene is essential to both looking and feeling good, and certain parts of your personal hygiene routine – for example brushing and flossing your teeth – are vital to good health. Hygiene is one of those things that nobody really talks about, but everybody is expected to do.  But, there’s more to personal hygiene that simply making sure that you take a shower, brush your teeth, and wear deodorant. Are you forgetting any of these in your personal hygiene routine?


Nose Trimming

Although this may not apply to everybody, if you have long nose hairs, it’s time to add nose trimming to your personal hygiene routine. Investing in a good nose hair trimmer will make the process quick, easy and a lot more painless than plucking the hairs out of your nose with tweezers. Although it’s probably not something that you will need to add to your daily routine, once or twice a week is usually enough depending on how fast your hair grows.

Brush Inside Your Mouth

When you brush your teeth, taking some time to pay attention to the inside of your mouth can make all the difference. Build-up on your tongue not only looks pretty disgusting, it can be one of the main causes of bad breath. When you brush your teeth, giving your tongue a good scrub at the same time can help to fix this. You can get certain toothbrushes with a rubber ‘tongue scrub’ feature on the back of the brush, that can be useful for this.

Pluck Your Brows

Plucking your eyebrows may well be something that you’re leaving out of your personal hygiene routine. Although it’s not really a hygiene issue, keeping your eyebrows nice and trim can definitely help you look a little tidier, especially if you get a unibrow. However, avoid shaving around the eyebrow area – this can make the hairs grow back thicker and faster, giving you more to worry about in the future.


Most of us jump in the shower and just wash with our regular soap. And, although regular washing with soap is important, exfoliation is also vital for smooth, soft and supple skin. Investing in a good skin scrub and an exfoliating glove for using every few days will help you see a huge difference in your skin, especially if you suffer from flaky, dry skin.


Although it’s important to stay moisturized, many of us skip this part of our daily hygiene routine. The truth is, moisturizer is important for keeping skin healthy and hydrated, and some moisturizers contain SPF, which can help protect your skin against the sun’s harmful UV rays. Taking a few extra minutes to apply moisturizer, especially a facial moisturizer, daily can make a lot of difference. Moisturizing with a high-quality cream product can also help to slow down the signs of aging and ward off wrinkles.

Which of these is already an established part of your hygiene routine? Or, would you like to add to the list? Let us know in the comments.

Buy the Best Water Flosser for Gum Disease to Maintain Good Oral Health

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toothstarsI totally ignored the part when I faced a few earlier signs where there was pain in my teeth. I thought it might have been because of outside eatables or some kind of drink I must have taken during that time. Not bothered for the pain or thinking about any other reason why it might have happened was one of the biggest mistakes I made. The absence of not taking proper care of my dental health led to extreme difficulties later. It was only through the best water flosser 2015 for gum diseases that I recovered from the toothache and settled peacefully after regularly using it.

While I was going through the pain, I read about the causes of toothaches on the web. As the pain went on increasing with every passing day, I realised that it was not because of outside eatables or drinks but some other serious cause. Finally there came a point where it was impossible to bear the pain and seek for a good dentist around. It was difficult to arrange special time to visit a dentist. However, it was a serious problem and therefore I made sure that it got checked as soon as possible. The dentist said that I was experiencing pain because of bleeding gums.

It was then important to ensure that I take care of my brushing and flossing habits. The specialist I approached was an experienced practitioner of the industry and suggested me to use water flosser to maintain a good oral hygiene and health. Following his advises and suggestions was the perfect way to come out of the pain and instead prevent any further oral issues taking place. He said there were many tools available in the market that ensured effective results for every type of tooth problem. Some of these available products were the mouthwash, water flossers for gum disease and crest whitening strips.

As I went through the web to find a reliable company or brand that assured to deliver promising results, I came across this leading website that provided reviews about the specifications and uses of different dental help tools. It was a great treasure of information about every minute detail related to the topic. Right from the tips and tricks that can maintain the white shine in teeth to the number of companies that offer products like crest whitening strips, mouthwash, electric toothbrush and many more. I could easily find the piece of information I was in search of and in addition also understand its application in a better manner.

Reading the reviews about the best water flosser for gum disease, I placed an order for one. There were a few specific instructions that came along to reap a satisfying experience from it. It felt great to get the smile back on my face by properly taking care of the teeth. There developed freshness in my mouth with a whitening regimen that lasted for almost a week. Gradually, I realised that there was a great change in my oral health condition before and after using the flosser. There were no concerns in mind with the application of water flosser in the right way and at regular intervals.

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